Thursday, October 29, 2009

gulchehra introduction

I am Gulchehra. I am an English teacher. I am an international student now.
I like my job. I enjoy teaching. My hobby is learning languages. I like to bake sweets for my 2 children.
I live in a small town in Uzbekistan. I was born there. My town is very small. There are very few multistorey buildings there. We do not have interesting places to see, but I love my town.
I work in "Umid" boarding-school. This school is very famous.


  1. Gulia, nice photo! it's seems to me you visited Chicago?

  2. I was sure everyboby would like him!!!

  3. Thank're a nice woman too.

  4. Comment ca va ? Est-ce que ca marche ton cours de francais?J'ai fais quelques presentation avec les profs d 'Anglais et les leaders de la zone.Je pense que tout va aller tres bien pour toi.